Be Your Valentine…


On a day when it seems like the whole world is in love, it’s not uncommon for the single gal, especially here in Manhattan, to feel like she wore sweats to a black tie affair.

Now there are three schools of thought on going it ‘solo’ for Valentine’s Day, and I’m here to be your guide through all three:

1.). The traditional, ever-so-popular, BOYCOTT. You get to spend the entire day crapping on everyone who is in love, mocking those who spent hundred of dollars on flowers that your local bodega normally sells for $19 thankyouverymuch, and ordering Chinese take-out while watching a very violent action movie…preferably with Ryan Reynolds or Chris Evans taking their shirts off. And then you sit on your couch holding your dog/kitten/turtle (insert pet here), refusing to scroll through Instagram to see others sitting at Nobu (because they made the reservation in effing November) eating their Monkfruit Cheesecake ‘for two’. Possibly decide to open a bottle of wine halfway through the evening and get louder and more obnoxious with each glass until your next door neighbor pounds on the wall and yells at you to stop blasting I’m All Out of Love by Air Supply.

2.). My personal favorite, not quite so hateful and without the hangover, the GIRLS NIGHT. Ladies, we all have single friends who are also not a fan of this day (my friend Leslie actually carries a black Sharpie around the City so she can draw horns on the paper cupids she sees. To each their own.) Anyhoo, you get a group of as many single girls as you’d like (okay, let’s be honest, as many that can fit comfortably in your apartment) and do the mani/pedi/facial/exfoliating evening. Normally this includes the best topics of conversation like ‘do you know what that asshat on the A train said to me this morning’, ‘my boss needs to choke on his Osso Buco’ and of course, ‘I can’t believe he didn’t even CALL’. Nothing beats away the V Day blues like some good old fashioned girl time. Add to this the new Netflix documentary on that Tinder psycho and you’re good. Alcohol is optional, but chocolate is essential.

3.). And then there’s the latest way to spend the day/evening – enormously gratifying but possibly more expensive – THE ME DAY. My girlfriend Jess decided that she was done feeling like a leper every 14th of February, and so now we all get to be jealous of Jess and her fabulous ME DAY activities. She might begin her day with a facial at Sofie Pavitt on Canal St., and then have lunch and shopping in Soho. Jess has never been a wallflower, and so she dresses in her best (and let’s be honest, showing too much real estate) so that she feels fantastic by the time she gets home and ready for dinner. And yes, ladies, she takes HERSELF to dinner – like me, she adores Double Frisco’s Double Eagle for their amazing ambiance and to DIE for steaks. After dinner, she might go to a show, or spend a few hours at Aire in the Ancient salt baths with a massage after. She Ubers herself home, wraps in her most luxurious robe and opens the gifts she bought herself in Soho. Jess loves to drive home the point that every gift she ‘gets’ on Valentine’s Day always fits, is the perfect sentiment…and is never an afterthought. Jealous? Absolutely.

Whichever option you choose, my lovelies, I know you’ll make the right one. There’s an endless list of ways to spend this day – and none of them wrong. (Okay, pulling out your ex’s old photos and burning them Wikken style might not be the best way to spend the day? But it will likely be cathartic.). Be safe, have fun and above all – on this day of LOVE…LOVE YOURSELF.

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